Thursday, November 23, 2017


OPEN INVITATION - Cross The Road - Staying Alive

This Shabbos is the yahrtzeit of HaGaon Hakadosh HaRav Yaakov Moshe Charlap zecher tzadik vi-kadosh livracha. Those who lisen [sic. I am not correcting that typo because what is the "t" doing in "listen"?] to my shiurim and follow the blog avidly know how much reverence and awe I have for this towering giant of Torah, middos tovos and tzidkus. It is my almost unparalleled zchus to be one of the very few disseminators of his Torah in both Hebrew and English. When I die, I hope to meet his neshama. [Although I am trying my best not to die. Just this morning I looked both ways before crossing the street. Why did the Chabadnik cross the road? To put tefillin on the person on the other side]. 

Since I feel such a strong emotional and spiritual bond, I am giving a kiddush in shul [in Givat Ze'ev] in his honor.

YOU ARE ALL INVITED!!!!  Bring you mouths and stomachs.  

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Be Happy

I don't claim to be funny. But sometimes I say things that make people laugh. The problem with writing is that I don't get the pleasure of seeing and hearing people laugh when I make a funny. It has happened on occasion that I thought something I wrote was so funny that I laughed aloud. But cracking yourself up isn't the same as cracking up someone else. We live to put smiles on the faces of others not on our own faces just as we live on order to put food on the plates of others and not to eat ourselves [eating ourselves can't be tasty. Sounds gory, actually].  

But there is a great value in being bi-simcha. Like a bumper sticker I saw - "עדיף משוגע ושמח מאשר נורמלי ועצוב" - "Better crazy and happy than normal and sad". 

A freliche Tanksgiving!!!  

Shmatsa Or LI-HAVDIL - Dolphins - Dogs

I once had a dream of putting us shiurim on the entire Shev Shmatsa on line. Now I have a hundred or so [WITH HASHEM'S EVERLASTING HELP], some bi-iyun she-biyun and most more on a pshat level. I am considering continuing the series [which became - like li-havdil my beloved C train is at times - derailed temporarily] but I would first like to know if people are interested. If you are please tell me. It is when I make appeals for money that I am ignored. This is not the time. No money involved [I am supported financially by the ASPCA in recognition of how nice I am to all of the thousands of dogs I meet whenever I go back to the Upper West Side. So I don't need money - just dog food]. Just say. Otherwise I can spend my time watching old Miami Dolphin videos.

Go Griese.  


Torah on Vayeitzei - lots of great material BS"D!!

Calling Or Doing?

Why does the pasuk say וקראת לשבת עונג - "You should call Shabbos, Pleasure" and not something like "והתענגת בשבתך" - "Have pleasure on Shabbos" as it says about Yom Tov "ושמחת בחגך" - "Have simcha on your holiday"? Do it - don't "call" it!!!

And what does it mean to "call Shabbos pleasure"?

רבי אהרן יהודה לייב בן גיטל פייגע

Please daven for Rav Shteinman.